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*Child's Name:
*Date of Birth:

Parent's Details—————————---------------------------------------———————————

*Mother's Name:
*Mother's Email:
Mother's Work No:
Mother's Mobile No:
Father's Name:
Father's Email:
Father's Work No:
Father's Mobile No:
*Home Tel No:
*Home Address:
*Unique Password:
Parental Restrictions:

School Details—————————--------------------------------------————————————

*Child's School:
*Head Teacher:
*Form Teacher:
*School Tel No:

Doctor's Details——----------------------------------------—————-————————————

*Doctor's Name:
*Surgery Name:
*Tel No:

Emergency Contact's Details———----------------------------------------------————-————

Example: Grandparents, Auntie/Uncle, Neighbour?
*Contact: (1)
*Home Tel No:
Mobile Tel No:
*Relationship to Child:
*Contact: (2)
*Home Tel No:
Mobile Tel No:
*Relationship to Child:

Medical History————-----------------------------------------———-————————————

Has your child been fully immunised against:

*Whooping Cough
*Hib Meningitis
*Has your child had Chickenpox:

Important Information———--------------------------------------------————————————

Does your child have any:

*Special Diet:
*Health Problems:
*Childhood Illnesses:
*Medical Conditions:
Any other important information:
If the answer to any of the above was yes, please give details:
Please state religion if applicable:

Please disclose any other information about your child that may be useful for us to know:

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